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Creator Program

Referral system is currently on hold while we are in transition to Steam. Future revenue share is expected to be 25% in-game value or 12,5% (Steam Wallet $). For example if your referral bought the game for 15$ you receive ~4$ in game (Beat Dollars) that will be tradeable on Steam Community Market for 4-2$ (Steam Wallet $).


Referral system preview

Currently this function is under development but you can already start collecting referral points. We expect first payments to be sent in a month or 2.


This is how much you may get from every sale and key redeemed with your player name as referral. Note that this value may change anytime without a notice and there is no guarantee that you will receive any money.

Other rules

To be eligible to receive payment you need to own a valid PayPal account, a game account created in Beat Aim and your total earnings must be higher than 10$. If you are under 18 years old you need to have your parent's or legal guardian's permission. Note that you may get banned from this system anytime. If it happens notice will be sent to your email associated with BeatAim account. Currently there is no set time interval or particulate date when payments are being processed but we will try our best to do it quickly after receiving money from game sales (usually within 30 days after the end of each calendar month).

This whole webpage describes rules of referral system. It may change in the future without a notice. An user must accept it to be eligible to take part in it. His agreement will be confirmed via Discord every time payment is processed.