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Partner Program

Are you Youtuber, Streamer or well... Anyone that can reach some people interested in playing Beat Aim? Join our program with one of the best features on the market.


Referral link

In the past we've tried referral codes similar to other games but they were very ineffective. Many players are simply too lazy to use them. That's why we introduce custom links that are much simpler to use.


Revenue Share

It's simple - when someone buys the game ($15) you get $5, when someone buys a month of VIP($5) you get $1.5. That's x6 times more than other games with only 5% share.



Your feature requests will be prioritize over anything else. Help us deciding what's important for the game that would also make your content better.

Bigger Audience

Currently there is list of partners below and on our Discord. All Twitch streams are also shown in the game. Tag us on twitter @beat_aim when posting your content. In the future we'll set up automatic notifications on our Discord and embedded streams on our website and wiki, possibly even promote your content using paid ads.

More Perks

This section will be expended in the future. Here's what you get as a Partner:
  • Free VIP subscription
  • Beat Aim and VIP keys to giveaway (on request)
  • Access to Twitch Drops
  • Priority in new feature requests in the game
  • Partner role on our Discord



🥇Ex Pro CS Player - 🖱️Certified Aim Coach - 👏Professional Fidget Spinner - 💎Part Time Troll - 🌮Full Time Hungry

How to join

First of all you have to own Beat Aim already, we want to work with players excited about the game, not fake ones. Join our Discord and message Kamyker#3553 with following information:

  • Your in-game name (not Steam name)
  • Links to all your platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc)
  • Email
  • PayPal email
After getting accepted you'll be Pre-Partner for a month. You'll get your referral links, VIP and Discord role. After that time you may be accepted as Partner. All earnings of Pre-Partner will be paid out as usual even when you won't be accepted as Partner.


  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Every Partner can access their sales on special webpage to calculate how much they've earned
  • Reward payouts can be requested anytime but will be fulfilled once we actually receive money from 3rd party providers. It takes about 1-2 months
  • Single payout can't be higher than $450 - this limit may be lifted on special occasions
  • Payout amount may be slightly decreased due to PayPal Transfer Fees
  • Program rules may change anytime but if it happens - the past earnings won't be effected if possible
  • Inactive Partners (meaning Partners that that haven't made a single sale for 3 months) or Partners breaking TOS of their platforms may be removed from the program